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Don’t Stress, You’ll Figure it Out

Like most rising seniors, the panic surrounding what I’m going to do after graduation is in full swing. Some people enter Babson knowing the industry, job title, and even company they want to work for in the future. They work hard, secure those connections, and are set up with a full time job before they’ve even finished their academic requirements.

That’s not me. In fact, that’s not most of Babson. It’s hard to accept that because those who do have it figured out seem louder than those still struggling. But at the end of the day, college is meant to give you time to learn your strengths, learn more about the full time world, and give you opportunities to experience different work environments.

So here I am, second week into my junior year internship, stressing about if I want to work at the company full time. When I wake up it’s a no thanks, this will just be a summer internship. By lunch time it would be my greatest regret if I did not work there full time. By 4pm I’m wondering if working here after graduation means letting what I really should be doing pass by me. By the car ride home, I’m ready to accept and sign an offer.

The funny thing is, I don’t know if they will want me to come back. I haven’t done the work of a full time recruiter yet. I don’t know everyone in my offices name.  I’m not even completely sure how to use the coffee maker. The point of writing this is to tell everyone in a similar situation to take a breath. It is completely normal to be stressed, and to want the answer to fall into your lap. But the reality is, you can’t come to any conclusions until you put in the time and effort to really evaluate your work experience. Even if you decide it’s not for you and go into senior year without an offer, it will work out. Even if you start the job search with no idea what you are looking for, it will work out. Even if you graduate without something set in stone, it will work out. The best you can do is trust the process, trust yourself, and block out the pressure others put on you. And if your still struggling just remember, your friend who has it all figured out at age 20 is probably going to have a mid-life crisis.