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The Importance of Quality Deliverables

The first two weeks of my private equity internship have been unbelievable. Every day I get the chance to meet remarkable people from all over the world and get to do meaningful work that actually impacts the future of the firm. Just recently I have been assigned my first individual project that I will have to showcase in front of my investment team. With this, I want to use this blog to highlight the cruciality of executing well on your deliverables. I allocated the importance into three segments:

Aiding Others: The function of any project is to provide substance for others. Whether it be for your parallel coworker, your supervisor, or the CEO, your project is designed to make another person(s) work easier and for them to build off of. If you do not deliver well on your project, it can often make another individual(s) life more difficult and maybe even slow down the progress of the entire organization.

Learning: The work you put out says a lot about you. It can reveal your attention to detail, accuracy, and amongst other elements. Above all, doing your best on your project can help build your general knowledge, skills, and traits for the future as you venture off from Babson.

Reputation: Other’s judgements of you will be based on the work you put in. If you do a sloppy job on a presentation and had typos, incorrect content, etc, this can put a poor image of yourself in the minds of those around you. Most importantly, this can also trickle down to future employment options when it comes to getting recommendations from your current employer and looking for industry connections when networking.

In total, I view that the three items above don’t just apply to professional life, but to our personal lives, as well. It is invaluable to always be your best self and ensure that you are being a positive force for those around you. In all, being your highest quality self can have a huge impact in terms of building your character and your life.