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Business in Sports

My name is Jacqueline Paul,  but I am better known as JP or JIP around campus. I am from Burlington, NJ and I am a rising junior at Babson college. This summer I am interning at the Philadelphia Phillies, a Major League baseball club. I am learning the ins and outs of how a club operates and succeeds on a daily basis. I am very involved in helping the spectators have the best experience possible at the ball park.

At Babson, I am a member of the softball team and growing up sports have always been a part of my life. When thinking about future career paths, I wanted to find a way to take something I love, sports, and turn it into a career. This internship granted me the ability to do that, at least for the summer. I found this internship through my hitting coach, who has a long-time friend who works for the Phillies. I submitted my resume to the club and was emailed about an interview. After two interviews with the Events Representative, I was accepted.

My first few weeks at the job were filled with excitement and nervousness. I have been placed in a rotational positional, so there are various positions that I have filled. I have managed the social media kiosk, assisted in executing game-day responsibilities, and been a part of the group and sponsorship sales department. Being a part of so many different teams, has been a great learning experience because I am able to network with new people and learn more about the club.

Over the next few works, I hope to learn new positions and continue to learn more about the club. I have already gained so much knowledge on the workings of a baseball club and I look forward to seeing how much more I will learn.