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Business and Pharmaceuticals?

Week one in the books at GreyHealth Group, better known as GHG New York! For those of you who may not know, GreyHealth Group is a consulting, advertising and marketing company for pharmaceutical companies world wide. In simpler terms, huge corporations such as GSK and Pfizer often hire GHG to consult and advertise for their newly released drugs. Some of you may be thinking what does this have to do with Babson’s business foundation or how much medical background do I actually have to have landed this internship and the answers are as follows:

After two years of an array of business sectors under Babson’s curriculum, I have fully grasped the broad ranges of industries within the business realm and learned what it takes to immerse myself in all sorts of projects.

I came into this internship with basic medical understanding due to doctors visits and such. Thus meaning, I have a lot to learn and have just inserted myself into the best way to learn; by doing.

My first week was fun filled with lots of new faces from many different universities within the States and many long time employees within the corporation and industry. Day one was similar to a first day at college- orientation, ice breakers and the same introductions you would give when you meet a new friend for the first time. With all the universities I was surrounded by, I knew I was in for an array of different working, learning and leading styles.

After a few days of getting IT issues out the way and assimilating to the culture at GHG, I was quickly thrown into an on going project working with one of our main clients, Pfizer. This project entailed working with a vaccine called TRUMENBA. I was called upon to share all ideas, suggestions and even improve existing work after doing some company reading on my down time.

I was excited to work on and contribute some of my ideas to a final presentation that will be shown to our major clients in Philadelphia this Friday!

Outside from my Account department at GHG, I have found myself interacting and even cold call emailing some SVP’s in other departments within the company to grasp and learn everything and anything I can in the short amount of time I’m with GHG this summer.

Lots of work ahead until Friday’s presentation!