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Jewels Are Cool

Considering this is my first blog, I would like to introduce myself and what I am doing this summer. My name is Jenny and I am a rising senior at Babson College. This summer I am working at a company called Saraswati Imports which is a b2b wholesale jewelry company in the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. I am a part of a team of three interns who will be helping the CEO create an e-commerce site for b2c sales.

Our first task is to create social media and a campaign for the company to promote brand awareness. We will be holding a photo shoot next week where we will be photographing the jewelry for the new website we are creating as well as for content to post on social media. This week we went to a few spots to scope out places to take pictures. I have never really been out in Western Mass before and I couldn’t believe how different and beautiful this area is from Boston. This area is full of roaming fields and mountain landscapes. We found a spot called the Mount which had a home that belonged to a Edith Wharton, a famous author. There are gardens that are kept in pristine conditions with several sculptures from local artists all around the grounds. My boss told me that there was once a Vogue photo shoot there. It was one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen.

Another task the interns and I are doing are creating the look for the brand. We went through the 2018 jewelry catalog to choose the pieces that we thought would best represented in the photo shoot and created mood boards of what we want the aesthetics to be like. We are currently putting together outfits for the shoot and matching and pairing jewelry. Next week is the official photo shoot but we still have a lot to prepare before we are ready.