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Going Back to My Roots

As I prepare my first internship blog post for the summer, I find myself reflecting upon my first year at Babson College, and how the skills that I’ve gained will impact my internship experience. Just within the first few months of my college experience, I’ve discovered more about myself and my interests, and believe that my internship will further my personal and professional exploration.

During freshman year, I often participated in social impact-focused clubs, discussions, and events. I had also volunteered with a handful of organizations, continuing to build my experience interacting with nonprofits. In addition to these, I also helped to organize small events for the clubs I was part of and assisted in marketing efforts for organizations and their events. As I wonder what my internship will hold for me, I can already see that many of these experiences will be highly relevant to my job role.

This summer, I am fortunate enough to have a seasonal internship with MainStreet Hammonton, a nonprofit organization in Hammonton, New Jersey that organizes the town’s events and happenings. Throughout high school, I volunteered often with MainStreet, and I also organized a partnership between MainStreet and my own nonprofit, Hammonton Helpers. While I was able to see the product of MainStreet’s work in all of its events, I am excited to see the hard work that goes on behind-the-scenes. Many of the experiences I had mentioned before helped me to secure my internship and build confidence in my ability to help bring Hammonton’s events to life.

Since returning to my hometown, the place where I’ve planted my roots, I look to the lessons I’ve learned in my new home at Babson, and hope that these lessons will surface in my work with MainStreet this summer.