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writer’s block

Very soon, the semester shall be over,

Every day in San Francisco has been wonderful.

Never have I used so many business buzzwords in my life;

Turnkey solutions, SaaS, IoT, ML, AI, VR, AR, blockchain, crypto, RNN, MVP, IPR.

Unless you hate ET&A, I really recommend you apply for the San Francisco program.

Really, I really recommend you spend a semester here in the Golden City,



Could not think of a topic to write for my last CEL blog,

And so I decided to use poetry to pay homage to the one source of happiness.

Perhaps, you disagree but capital puts the capital in capitalism;

I also put an image of an actual hockey stick in my final presentation.

This is a very bad acrostic poem and I apologise.

Also this is goodbye until my McKinsey internship next summer.

Love you.