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Do you even tech bro?

Happy weekend! I hope everyone has been well – halfway through the semester and the fun is only beginning!

The past few weeks have been an absolute blur – partly from the nights I lay crying in bed but mainly because of all the interesting and exciting work I have been crunching through. From doing due diligence on early-stage startups to doing customer development for the client I am consulting for, I have been a busy Babson beaver.

Yes, alliteration.

However, if you are reading this you are probably a busy Babson beaver too – preaching to the choir, as they say. And yes, I know you are probably juggling MAC & TOM, MCFE, QTM4 and 2 Olin classes while working on your side business of BaaS (Boba-as-a-Service), but have you ever been to Facebook’s offices in Palo Alto?

I recently had the privilege of visiting the Zuckerberg kingdom and boy (or girl, it is 2018) is it really something to behold. From unlimited snacks to an arcade room, Facebook HQ is the office paradise your corporate dreams are made of. Yet I am not here to talk about the ping pong tables and Facebook hoodies that abound – “we get it Kit you visit offices cool story bro”.

Nay, I would like to briefly touch on the value of introspection. See, when I left Facebook last Wednesday, I was smitten. Smitten with the free snacks. Smitten with the financial stability that a cushy tech job in Silicon Valley would provide. But like any responsible Babson student, I asked myself what was the opportunity cost to such a choice?

Maybe I would have to sell my soul…

And I gladly sold it. For a solid 45 minutes on the bus back to San Francisco, before I snapped out of it and remembered I was starting a cryptocurrency (check out my last blog post for more info). In all seriousness, life is never black and white. I thought I would never choose the corporate life after spending 2 years in the delightfully soul-crushing corporation of the armed forces. And yet here I was, seriously considering a career at a big tech firm.

To tech bro or not to tech bro, that is the question.

And on that lazy cliffhanger, till the next time!