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The Importance of Underclassmen Work Experience

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador, Luke Martiros ’21

As an underclassman starting my second semester at Babson College, I realize that I should start thinking about my personal career development more. However, I do not know what industry I want to pursue yet. When searching for internships, I try to look out for special qualities, like if the work sounds interesting to me and if I will be working with people I enjoy, but beyond those prerequisites, I ask myself the same question time and time again: what do I want to do with my life?

The answer to this seemingly unsolvable question is to make the most of the opportunities that exist both at Babson and in my personal life and to keep an open mind. Two things I noticed when I first came to Babson were the abundance of opportunities on campus and how well-connected the school was. There are so many clubs, speakers, events, and activities available for us to engage in every day that it amazes me when my friends claim they do not feel involved enough. Many students also seem stumped by the looming internship or job they want for the summer, but one way to get help is to come to the Undergraduate Center for Career Development (CCD). This office uses a platform called Handshake that lists hundreds of jobs and internships that students can take advantage of. Students can also take advantage of First-Year Fridays, which helps first-years with everything they need for their careers. These have a “work bar” format, in which students can visit CCD without an appointment anytime between 12:00PM and 3:00PM on Fridays and work on career development under the guidance of a Peer Career Ambassador. Underclassmen should feel free to reach out to any CCD staff member and any faculty member at Babson regarding their career. One can certainly see that professors at this school teach because they enjoy working with students. Another opportunity that many students do not take advantage of is the network of family businesses that exists among students. Take a few minutes to talk to your friends about potentially working in their family’s business. You never know what they might say!

Whatever it is that you choose to pursue, it is important to make sure you are pursuing something. Whether it’s an internship for the summer, an externship for a week, or a job you secure for your career, every experience is important. Any of those opportunities can evolve into something that could have a huge impact on your career. One of the best pieces of advice I have received at Babson was even if you take an internship and hate it, now you know what you don’t want to focus on in your career. One month over summer could save you 50 years of misery in an industry. The internships and jobs you acquire throughout your first year or two at college can be instrumental for your career. You could stumble upon your dream job, without planning to find it. Any small opportunity can evolve into something that can make a true impact in your career, your life and your future family!