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Five Ways You Can Utilize Social Media to Help you Land That Internship!

This blog post was written by Peer Career Ambassador Julian Parra ’20.

Hi everyone! We hope you all are ready to finish the semester off strong.

We wanted to remind you about the ways you can utilize social media to help you get that summer internship or full time job. Be sure to check out the list below for tips on how to get the most out of the different digital platforms out there.

  1. Make sure your Facebook Page is private

Under privacy settings, be sure to choose “Friends Only.” You wouldn’t want a potential employer to be looking through your profile. Remember that anything you put on the Internet never truly goes away, so keep this in mind when posting on your social media accounts. Also, be sure to only accept friend requests from people you know.

  1. Utilize LinkedIn to the Max

Assistant Director of CCD, Lisa Alberts, who previously has worked in online marketing and now does marketing and business analytics for CCD, says, “LinkedIn is a great tool to research companies, prepare for an interview, and find connections (even 2nd degree) at a company or in an industry or location that you’d like to explore and possibly work in one day. It’s one of the most complete and up-to-date professional databases you can get access to – and it’s free!” LinkedIn is an amazing way to network with other professionals across different fields. As Babson students, you should feel encouraged to reach out to other Babson alumni through this platform by sending them a personal message saying you want to learn more about their Babson experience and about their work. They are more than happy to help out those who went to their alma mater. Earlier this semester, I started reaching out to individuals who worked in the financial services industry in New York City through LinkedIn to see if finance would be something I could see myself going into. Most alumni I reached out to were incredibly helpful. They offered me career advice, talked about their personal experiences, and wanted to keep in touch throughout the rest of the year. To connect with Babson alumni, Search for “Babson College,” click “See Alumni,” and search by title, keyword, or company. Send them a personalized note, talking about a previous experience they put on their profile, and asking a follow-up question or setting up a phone call to learn more about them in further detail.

  1. Don’t be afraid to reach out via Instagram and Twitter

If you are following someone on Instagram or Twitter and wanted to connect with them, don’t be afraid to do so! Be sure to utilize social media effectively.  If you’re interested in interning in NYC follow twitter handles like @nyadjobs and @nyinternships. Additionally, I recommend also following entrepreneurs like @TFerriss, @ElonMusk, @richardbranson, etc. for motivation, inspiration, and opportunities for keeping up with current business events. Last semester, I had been following someone who had been researching emotional intelligence at Harvard University and who was a TEDx speaker. I decided to, via Instagram, send a message to learn more about the research she was doing, and she said that she had always wanted to speak at Babson. A couple months after staying in contact, she gave a speech in CODEPlex (special interest housing unit in Van Winkle), talking about emotional intelligence, and will be giving a speech again later this semester.

  1. Have your own personal website or online portfolio

Having your own website definitely will make you stand out when you apply for jobs. You can include a personal bio, a portfolio of your work, your resume, and other forms of media that you feel showcases your talents in the best possible way. Plus, this can help with Search Engine Optimization for your personal brand. When employers look you up and they see your personal website as one of the first hits on Google, they will surely be impressed by the professionalism you portray online.

  1. Utilize the Babson Connector

Launched earlier this year, the Babson Connector is Babson’s own social media networking site that allows the Babson Community to get to know one another in a convenient and easy way. Just go on connector.babson.edu, log in using your credentials, and if you would like to find out more about alumni, go under Connect with Community. Click Babson Directory, and then you can search for members in the Babson community by name, location, and employment.

All in all, social media is an excellent way for you to get your foot in the door and network with other professionals when done right. We encourage you to continue monitoring what you post on your personal social media accounts, fully develop that LinkedIn profile, start that personal website, and make the most out of the Babson Connector!