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Three Simple Ways to Stand Out In Your Internship

There is a multitude of long articles out there about how to stand out in an internship. While useful, these articles tend to overlook the small tips that go a long way.

1. Notetaking

Take notes for every meeting and task. Writing notes out has been proven to be more effective for retention. During meetings, the laptops should not be used, as it may send a message to others that you are not paying attention. It is also very distracting, and it’s easy to get sidetracked from losing focus.

2. Put in the Hours

Make it a goal to make it to the office before your manager each day and stay until he leaves. Volunteer to take on more projects and get it done quickly, everyone will be impressed with your long hours even though you’re maximizing efficiency.

3. Ask for 1-on-1s

Reach out to people you admire for 1-on-1 meetings. This serves as an excellent opportunity to pick their brain and ask questions about their background. It also works as a great networking opportunity; you never know when you will need the connection!

Although small, these three tips are commonly overlooked in internships. Show your eagerness to work with these simple ways to stand out!