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The Power of a Thank You Note

As my internship ended this week, I contemplated the best way to leave a mark of my appreciation with my managers and coworkers. I came to the decision that I would bake cupcakes and write thank you notes for them. At lunch on my last day, I brought out the cupcakes in little ribbon-wrapped boxes accompanied by thank you notes (with my business cards in them!). My coworkers loved it, and were clearly touched by the notes. It only took a few minutes of my time to leave them all with a smile on their face. And even better, they immediately started talking about keeping in touch and having me back to help with events!

In my college career, I have learned that few things top a handwritten note. Whether it’s for a special occasion, a friend on a bad day, or simply a random reminder of my appreciation for someone, people love to feel that you are in their thoughts and hear how much they really mean to you. The end of my internship this summer has been a reminder of how far a thank you note really goes.