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My Summer

I was asked to write several blog posts for Babson about my summer experience at Horizons School of Technology. I learned so much in just the first day at Horizons that I could have written all of them just off the knowledge of those first 12 hours. Instead I chose to wait until the end of my summer, truly reflect on the top learning experiences, and write about those. It was truly a whirlwind summer that I will not forget. Below is a list of the top five pieces of advice and experiences I took from this summer.

  1. There is no such thing as a tech company
  2. Time is just a number
  3. Learn to be okay with less than 100%
  4. Small things pack a big punch
  5. Find your north star and you will always know where you are going

These may not have meant anything to me before this summer, but now are some principles I think about before diving into any new project. Each of these statements will be explained further in their own posts. If you are interested check them out.