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You Have To Try Joy Bauer’s Nourish Snacks

For the last two weeks I have been caravanning around Arizona and Utah, spending my days hiking in national parks throughout the two states. The town of Tusayan, Arizona, also known as the home of the Grand Canyon, had very little to see except for the infamous rock formation it was known for. Well, that’s about to change, all because of a new exciting and healthy business.

A few weeks back at Birds Nest, we had Joy Bauer of the Today Show come speak to us about working in a career you love, challenges you might face along the way, and most importantly her new snack line. For those of you that do not know of Joy, she is the dietary nutritionist on New York’s The Today Show.

These snacks, called Nourish Snacks, are bite sized granola balls. The balls come in all different flavors, ranging from blueberry to chocolate and banana. Joy was kind enough to bring a whole box full of her snacks to the office when she spoke to us, but her snacks were so good that we ran out in less than 4 days.  So, like any hungry college student would have done, we ordered more, and even made a video about them…that’s how much we were obsessed.

Nourish Snacks are sold all over the country in local supermarkets, Amazon, Target, and even the ‘Local Market’ down in Tusayan, Arizona where the internet is limited and the food consists of American cheese on pizza. From the hustling and bustling New York to the quiet and ‘checked out of the modern world’ Tusayan, Joy is definitely expanding her target market to be nationwide. For a snack that is literately healthy, ( When I asked for pizza at a restaurant I was served one covered in American cheese slices), I was A. Surprised to find it at such an odd store that only carried apples as fresh produce and B. That the snacks were a popular item to buy. Nonetheless, I’m curious to see what her margins are from that specific store, especially since the snacks are priced at New York levels (1 oz. bag for 3 dollars).

Either way, it’s amazing how connected the nation is, and despite extreme differences in landscape, education, food and people, business opportunities are everywhere.