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How workplace culture impacts worker productivity

While interning this summer, I realized how important culture really is. After hearing stories about other people’s internships and the culture that went along with said internships, I was not sure what to expect at Surfdog Records. After being given the dress code and a run-down of the operations at the Label, the culture slowly became exposed. A few words that describe the Label’s culture are: casual, demanding, supportive, positive, and fun. The owner of the Label, Dave Kaplan, showed up to work everyday with a huge grin on his face and left work with the same expression. He is able to do this because of the fun culture he created at Surfdog and the supportive vibe that buzzes in the workplace. After working a day at Surfdog, it was hard not to leave with a smile on my face, usually initiated from the famed “beach fridays” (Dave brings entire staff to beach for lunch and swimming) or from the interesting tasks assigned to the staff.

All the interns and I always spoke of the great culture Dave has established at the Label, and we all agreed that said culture drove us to accomplish our tasks in a timely and exceptional manner. The reason for this is because we all enjoyed working there and we all wanted to contribute toward the passionate and friendly culture that is Surfdog. Completing tasks always felt accomplishing because Dave and the rest of the staff reassured us of our added value to the company.

It became clear to me that culture does not have to be default, and as a business owner, one has a great opportunity at making the workplace successful and fun at the same time, and in return can expect great productivity. I am excited to work for more companies that display similar culture to that of Surfdog Records, and if I am to operate my own business, I will strive to create a culture that reflects my core values.