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Banks are focusing on digital banking services

Among 500 global companies that US’s economy magazine ‘Fortune’ picked, there are only one forth of companies still in the industry now. However, company such as GE did not remained as a chimney company but kept changed themselves to a digital company, which made them to become a market leader. Same thing is happening to the bank industry. Several years ago, the bank with more labor and various services and products became a market leader, but nowadays, large scale is not a key to become a market leader anymore. Now, banks must provide ‘global’ and ‘digital’ services to be successful.

Shinhan Bank is in process of redefining banking system by adding global and digital values to a baking services. Shinhan Bank established 150 global networks in 20 countries. The bank always tried to focus how bank will create successful business model, to produce profit from those countries. A key to satisfy those customers in those various country was to provide digital banking services, which will make banking process more simple and comfortable for customers. It will attract more customers, and the bank will try its best to communicate better with customer even after adding digital factor in a banking system.