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What is next…

As my internship for the summer of 2017 came to an end, I found myself pondering the true value of my experience. In the coming weeks I will be traveling to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Melbourne, and finally settling down in Sydney Australia where I will spend 6 months. Studying and traveling abroad is something I have always looked forward to doing, and now it is becoming a reality.
This summer at Raptor, I learned that the world of finance and entrepreneurship is much bigger then just Boston, New York, and San Francisco. In fact, this entire industry thrives off of global connection. While I was in the office, I heard business pitches from entrepreneurs who were living all over the world. The amazing thing about entrepreneurship and finance is that it has no borders. The reality is that when entrepreneurs succeed, the economy grows, and the country itself thrives. As I met entrepreneurs from across Europe, India, and the Middle-East I was quick to judge their product or service on the need in America. However, that is a very linear way of looking and thinking about the world. When we only think about “our” needs and wants, we miss opportunities.
A prime example, is when we learned of a company who produces a dresser you place in the middle of the room, and on one side it includes living room features. While on the other side, a bed can deploy. This dresser moves side to side, in order to maximize space. At first, you would think that in Boston this is not necessarily needed. However, when you think globally to places like Hong Kong and Singapore where living space is becoming more and more cramped and overcrowded this could be extremely useful and profitable.
Having an understanding of the problems other people face, even those across the ocean, is what makes you a true global citizen. While Babson itself is a small school, we have one of the largest international networks of any university. Utilizing one another’s life experiences, and learning about our peer’s backgrounds is a great way to educate ourselves about the world. After hearing pitches from international entrepreneurs, I reached out to friends from those countries and asked about their experience with the issues these entrepreneurs where trying to solve. I learned about how they currently deal with the issues at hand, and what solutions have been proposed. Post these conversations, I was able to talk to my internship team, and provide my own analysis.
My managers and mentors at Raptor, were impressed by the wide range of students at Babson, who could help to provide insight into various issues. Leveraging our network at school is bound allow all of us to become global citizens.
As I travel around Asia and Australia, I am looking forward to having firsthand experiences and learning from my surroundings. Being vigilant of the customs, traditions, and cultures— then utilizing my entrepreneurial mindset, to make the world a better place. The world of entrepreneurship is endless, and working at an investment firm, proved to me that you become a better investor, citizen, and even person when you recognize the magnitude of the world in which we