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Workshop 1: How to Get Hired

About a year ago, The Orchard was bought out by Sony Music. As an intern at The Orchard, I was invited to attend the same workshops designed for Sony’s interns as well.

Most of my blogposts will be about this workshops.

This first was a workshop on how to get hired. Although I have only finished my sophomore, and won’t be looking into other jobs for at least another year, it’s never too early to learn what you can.

Interestingly enough, while sitting in this workshop, I learned how much Babson actually teaches you on the steps to getting hired. The cover letter, resume, pre-interview, during, and post-interview; all of these basic steps were emphasized in the workshop, but was information Babson had already taught me. It was encouraging to discover that I’m a student at a college that prepares us well for breaking into the real world.

That is not to say the workshop wasn’t useful. The speaker was an HR/Talent Acquisition employee who was able to speak specifically on what Sony looks for throughout the various steps of getting hired.

In all honesty, the tips and information were wonderful, but the one line in the entire workshop that stuck out to me the most was “this is a passion industry. It’s not about the money”.

Going to a business school, it’s easy to get caught up in the idea of becoming obscenely wealthy. That isn’t to say it’s a bad thing, but I know that I am the kind of person who needs to genuinely enjoy her job. Although it wasn’t the nicest line to hear, it was encouraging to be reminded that wherever I am in the music industry, the money doesn’t matter.

I will be doing what I enjoy (while also making enough to live comfortably).