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Privilege that is given to intern

It has been a month for me working at this company. Through a month, I could notice that there is one privilege that every intern receives. People always forgive mistakes that intern makes, and less responsibility is required to an intern. Same logic was applied to me, it was okay for me to make a mistake. There were several times that I made a mistake, such as notifying wrong dates for meeting to another department, sending wrong document to another department, and providing wrong answer for market research assignment. However, because my position was an intern, all of my mistakes were forgiven. My senior told me that it is okay for me to make a mistake, but I must not make same mistake again. He told me that those mistakes must be part of my experience, which will help me to grow up and be more experienced and skillful worker. He said that I will always be welcomed to ask a question, but this period will not last so long that I should use this period wisely, as much as I can.

After having this kind of conversation with my senior, I started to write down everything that I have done for everyday, to remember what I have done right and what I have done wrong. If I made a mistake, I wrote them down and reminded myself, not to make same mistake again. Whenever I have a question, I had so many kind, knowledgeable people around me, who became good teachers for me to become more experienced intern. For remaining two weeks of internship, I will always try my best to maximize utility of the position that I am in, learn and experience as much as I can in the company.