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Shut up and learn, intern

You can learn a lot in an internship. Among reports, data analysis, presentations and discussions, you can absorb a lot of knowledge. However, from my experience, the best learning opportunities are during coffee time.

My department on the Bank has a lot of very experienced people. Professionals from several sectors and different backgrounds. Working with them, I just try to learn. Indeed, I want to hear about their experience, their stories and everything they are reading. The best time for it, it’s the coffee time.

When everyone pause to drink coffee, it’s the time for me. I just stare at them, listening to everything, trying to absorb all the knowledge they can pass to me. At those moments, I am very discreet, not talking a lot, but listen carefully. I shut up and learn.

I am sure that, even though I learned a lot at those moments discussing, producing and presenting, nothing is compared to the moments in which I just listen.