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Intern position can participate more than you think

When I was first hired as an intern, I limited myself to participate less than the other team members in my department. It was because I thought that intern is learning position so that I must not try to stand out in a team. I also thought that I must not speak out my opinion as I will be the one who knows least about the task that our team is doing.

However, last week, I was asked to provide analysis about the credit card market and the trend of credit card. I visited more than five banks in a week, not only major banks but also community banks, including Bank of America, Chase, Bank of Hope, Hanmi Bank. After visiting those banks and having research about the credit cards of those banks, I was able to analyze credit card market’s trend. I had to do presentation about the research that I have done, and it was more thrilling than I thought. People asked me question that they have for the credit card market, and I was able to answer all of them. It was the first time that I thought I had done something important on my own, participating more than any other time that I spent as an intern.

This also became a chance for me to change my thought, intern can participate more than you think, and is not the one who knows least about the task that team is processing, but is the one who has the most potential to develop oneself.