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The Final Stretch

With my internship wrapping up and my final week kicking into full swing there is a lot I want to accomplish before I end my summer at ALKU. Every week we have metrics we need to hit, but this week I have created goals of my own that I want to reach in addition to those metrics.

  1. Closing a deal – My most prominent goal that I am working towards is to get a deal before I leave. By this I mean to successfully place one of the consultants on a project that we are working on. I have gotten close to it, but nothing has carried through yet. Knowing that I have been close just fires me up more and more to reach this goal. When a deal slips from my fingertips, it just encourages me to keep dialing and find that “perfect” candidate for whichever job I am working on. Getting a deal for one of the consultants before I leave would be a huge success for me. Each day, I walk in with this mindset knowing that soon enough I can do it.
  2. Hitting 210 minutes of talk time – One of the bonuses for our metrics is when we hit 210 minutes of talk time. It sounds a lot easier than it is. When you are constantly leaving voicemails it is extremely hard to hit this goal. However, I know it is something that I can do. During my first two weeks at ALKU I had hit 210 minutes of talk time 3 days each week. Knowing that this is something I have not been able to do after those two weeks ended is something that frustrates me. In order to overcome that frustration, I aim to hit 210 minutes of talk time at least 2 days this week.
  3. Capping out on all my metrics – Capping out at ALKU consists of two parts; 1. Capping out in metrics and 2. Capping out in commission. I have been able to cap out in commission most of the weeks I have been here, yet capping out in all my metrics is something that has not happened every week. Usually I cap out on all but 1 metric, so this week I am determined to hit all of them. One tip that helps me with this is knowing that if I never ask, I could be missing out on finding out great information and being one step closer to this goal. You learn quickly that “no” will be a common answer, but that should never stop you from asking because you never know when you’re going to get that one person who says “yes.” One yes is all it takes to make a difference, so always keep asking questions.
  4. Having fun and enjoying my last week! – Working at ALKU has been great and I do not want to let the pressure of fulfilling these goals make me forget how much fun I have had working here. I want to end my week on a high, but also enjoy the work I’m doing and why I loved going in to work every day in the morning. I will definitely miss the work environment and the people at ALKU because it is truly something rare. I have never really been in an environment where everyone is so willing to help and where they want everyone to succeed and do well. It is something I will miss and want to make the most of before I leave.