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An Ever-changing Work Environment

This summer I will complete my second internship in the fashion industry. Last summer I was a digital marketing and social media intern and this summer I find myself more on the sales side of a company. One similarity I noticed from my time at both companies is that no two days will ever be the same. Some days the press closet will need to be reorganized and on other days, we need to prepare the showroom for the numerous buyers coming in that day. I have talked to the other interns and all of them has said that an ever changing environment is what keeps the job interesting. They would not want to do the same thing every day. So much of the job involves problem solving when different problems arise. It is up to everyone at the company to adapt to changes and make their way around problems. The best thing about the fashion industry is the distinct cultures of each label. Each company has a style displayed to the public and people who usually work for these companies should love the brand and style. Employees who are like-minded but still diverse is what helps a company strive.