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The People Make All the Difference

Sitting in your seat all day and dialing the phone can be pretty mundane. It is a task many people can get bored of easily and quit. However, having the right type of people around you can make all the difference. At ALKU, the company culture is definitely something that draws you in deeper and deeper. Everyone is always upbeat and energetic and feed off of each other’s success. When one person gets a deal the entire company is excited for them; music blasts and you just see everyone having fun to celebrate the success of a deal.

I grew to love the environment and culture at ALKU very quickly. It is a fun loving environment to be in, but it is also one where you see everyone working hard for their success. Recognition is highly valued at ALKU and it is something that has proven itself true. If you keep your head down and do well you will 100% be recognized for it. Everyone from recruiters to account managers to the executive board will come congratulate you with a big grin on their face. The people at ALKU want each other to succeed and at the same time want to be the best which makes for an amazing environment to be in. The recruiters and account managers love their jobs and it is very evident in the work they put it. Many employees come in at 8AM and stay till 7PM all because they love what they do and want to make the most of it.

It is a very loving and fun environment to be in especially because everyone is so upbeat even at 8AM. When lunch roles around you see everyone getting up and leaving to go eat together. This environment quickly rolled over with the interns and you can see us having the same go getter attitude as the full time employees. When you see everyone else around you in a good mood, it just puts you in one too. The work done at ALKU is always a team effort; you’ll see account managers and recruiters working together ALL the time and even now you’ll see the interns, recruiters, and account managers working together too. It’s great to know that the work we put in makes a difference not only in the company but in someone else’s life. The greatest part about working here is that everyone is willing to help, I know that if my mentor is not around I can go to another full time employee without any hesitation. The love the employees have for ALKU and what they do is definitely contagious and makes you want to be there.