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Making the Most of the Rest of Summer

It’s late July. I start RA training in 2 weeks. Thus, my summer internship experience is coming to an end. It has been a great time working at CFR, but before school starts up again, here are some of the things I am aiming to accomplish. These involve both professionally focused goals and a mix of everything else.

  1. Spend my final week at CFR asking any questions I have about any of the processes, technologies, and/or methodologies I have about anything.
  2. Connect with people at the firm that I do not have contacts with – make sure I have their LinkedIn and try to keep in touch with them after I leave for the year.
  3. Return the books that I borrowed from the firm library weeks ago and still haven’t gotten around to putting back yet.
  4. Contribute as much as I can to the overall success of the team and complete my updated intern guidebook for the next intern class. Finish adding my edits and changes to the handbook as it will be one of my legacies at CFR.
  5. Try doing something new at the firm every day. Continue to improve on the skills that I have developed this summer, but add onto my repertoire with what I know and what I can do.
  6. Eat at a new restaurant I have not been to yet. I love food.
  7. Visit a new part of Massachusetts I have not been to yet – this can include museums, historical sites, or natural parks in the area.
  8. Try to read a book every week or two.
  9. Eat healthier as the summer winds down and prepare my immune system for the mess that is Babson in the fall.
  10. Enjoy the sporadic good weather and try not to let this pseudo-summer full of rain and clouds ruin my mood (remember, I am from LA).

With these goals in mind, I am looking forward to what is left of this summer vacation. I have learned many new skills and experienced a great number of different things for the first time. Before school starts again and things get really busy, I hope I can make the most of my summer before it’s over.