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Why UBS has a great culture

When I applied to the wealth management internship at UBS, I didn’t think that I would actually end up moving to Miami for the summer. Transitioning to Babson from India was already a huge process in itself. I didn’t know if moving to another city for just three months was really going to be worth it.

Despite my fears, in the end I decided to pursue the internship. Naturally, I was extremely nervous in the days leading up to my internship. I spontaneously jumped at this opportunity and I wanted to make sure that I made the most of it. But now, a week before I wrap things up, I think it’s safe to say my experience with UBS’s culture has been nothing but phenomenal.

From the day I walked in my supervisor Rosemar, a young 23 year-old professional, constantly made sure that I was working on projects that were both relevant and interesting to me. She would periodically schedule 1:1 sessions to review my progress, connect me to appropriate financial advisors and just make herself available no matter what. Instead of just throwing random grunt work at me, she helped make sure I was fully involved and interested in everything I was working on. Her guidance made me realize that I was being given the power to shape my own internship. All the resources were being provided to me. I just had to use them efficiently.

Another thing I love about UBS‘s culture is how approachable the people are. Not only did I get to experience their busy day-to-day operations, but also formed great relationships with them. Whether it was Eric curiously inquiring about my culture, Silvia’s warm hugs + heartfelt greetings, Claudia’s endless love and support, or Tania mentoring me about handling difficult conversations (one of the many things I’ve learnt from her), I felt like each and every one of them truly wanted me to succeed.

After the internship, I’ve learnt that culture is the single most crucial factor that could make or break your work experience. You could be extremely passionate and love what you do, but if you’re not surrounded by the right people, every task slowly becomes a burden.

Therefore, choosing a culture that fits you not only benefits you professionally, but also helps you grow on a personal level.