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Ups and Downs and Arounds

This morning, on the way to work to Mighty Well, a Babson grad-started medical accessories company, I had my first “You go to Babson too?!” moment. I’ve heard of these interactions multiple times as a high-school student coming into the college, but never really thought that this would happen to me. 

As I was getting on the bus, the young man who was sporting a red jacket and blue scrubs turned to me and asked if I was a student at Babson. Surprised, I answered yes, and he told me he graduated in the class of 2007, especially since he was clearly was no longer in the business field. This reminded me of a conversation I had with an Uber driver who too had a business degree but ended up pursuing something completely different. As the young man explained that he was a nurse now at a local hospital, I started to think about how my path as a student can change, and in what way I should be expecting the inevitable diversions in the road as I move forward.

Though I still believe that I will be in the business field somehow, I am honing in on my interests more and more. I had started off with a big picture “management” and “people” kind of idea, and as I finished off my two years at Babson, have finally found something that I am interested and passionate about. I’ve always enjoyed learning about organizational behavior and people interactions, which is important for any job environment. But I wanted something to supplement these soft skills, which led me to pick my current concentration, Retail Supply Chain Management. I’m not positive if retail is right for me, but supply chain and operations have been so interesting to learn about, and I plan to combine some management skills with analytics to help make business decisions. The concentration also gives me the flexibility to take some IT and negotiations classes, allowing me to be well-rounded in what I do. As I am continuing to find where my business niche is, I am excited to see where I end up!