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Making an IMPACT

At the beginning of my search for a summer internship, I didn’t even consider working for a non-profit. I was thinking a large financial firm, a cutting edge sports company, or an innovative start-up. Something flashy.

However, I have found my time at IMPACT Melanoma to be rewarding in more ways than one.

The small size of the company has allowed me to perform a very diverse range of tasks. One day I am contacting State Parks and Mayor Offices in Florida. The next I am helping put together sponsorship packages for larger corporations. The work has been different and forced me to stay on my toes.

Because of how much the work differs, I have been able to test myself in varying environments. I used to HATE talking on the phone. I would make my girlfriend call restaurants for reservations because I was afraid that I would stutter and become unintelligible. Now, I pick up the phones in the office and *hardly* break a sweat.

Above all of the different skills that I have developed, I have felt like my work has actually made an impact. So often with working for large companies, especially as an intern, one can find themselves lacking purpose. Often times the work that one does or the company they work for does little other than generate revenue. I have felt that my work at IMPACT Melanoma has both helped the company and other people.

Working for a non-profit has been more rewarding that I expected. I feel like I am actually doing something that matters. Working for a cause concerned with the well-being of others has added depth to the reward I feel from the work that I do. This experience has definitely opened my eyes to potentially working for a non-profit in the future.