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Being part of the company

It has been three weeks for me to work as an intern. I was assigned as marketing intern, but because I am an intern, I was the one who is flexible to work in many departments. For last week, I was asked to help operation support team, which was to check operation systems of the bank as well as keep good customer relationships. I had to learn how operation support do the risk management. Bank has a system to identify whether transaction is a fraud or not. If the system thinks that a transaction has a high risk of being a fraud, they deny it. However, after denying process, it automatically reports to operation support team so that they can take a look at the transaction history, location, amount, and many other categories to verify whether it is a fraud or not. If operation support team find out what was the reason for denying transaction, team members make a phone call to a customer to explain the reason of denying or possibility of fraud and what customers have to do with the issue. This was the work that I had to take for last week, making a phone call with customers to help them understand the situation. I had to deal with so many different kinds of customers. Some of them were really nice, but some of them were yelling at me, asking me to provide more details, and even asked me to transfer call to my supervisor to show me that he is mad. I could know how bank has so many different kinds of works to do, so many risks to consider, and so many process to go over to keep their customers in the bank. It was hard but I was able to learn a lot of thing as well.