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What does it mean to be a Babson Intern?

The Babson brand follows you everywhere, irrespective of whether you have Babson connections (alums, friends etc.) at your workplace or not. People start to recognize you as that “intern from Babson” and with that comes a whole lot of responsibility. For colleagues who are familiar with Babson, they know how valuable our educational background is. For coworkers who don’t, their first impression of Babson is dependent on how you approach your internship. So what exactly does it mean to be a Babson intern?

  • Good work ethic is an unspoken expectation from a Babson student. In my first week at UBS, I met a senior vice president who had an immense liking for Babson. He said “I’ve worked for some of the biggest organizations in the Finance industry and my Babson colleagues always had a remarkable work ethic”. Being reliable, committed and productive shows the strength of your character.
  • Ability to deliver quality performance, sometimes under high pressure, does not go unnoticed. This includes application of academic knowledge, technical skills, critical analysis and unwillingness to settle for mediocre standards. Fortunately, the rigorous courses at Babson equip you with a plethora of skills to get your career started. Utilize your internship as an opportunity to enhance and expand these skills.
  • Most of all, being open-minded and humble goes a long way in establishing long lasting relationships. Our vast ranging alumni base is proof enough that Babson students have seeped into almost every sector of the global economy. This could not have been possible if they didn’t value human interactions. Make it a priority to invest in meaningful relationships, you won’t regret it.