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Update from Alba

While we are in the midst of re-branding the Alba Boutique to a new and more meaningful Sloane and Ivy Boutique, it has come to my attention that re-branding is just as hard as starting a new store. Around the time of re-leasing the store, Kate and I also have to be creative when it comes to marketing the new name. One of the major challenges we came across was how we can keep current clientele when we also have to buy new merchandise. Among all of the other things that are changing, the most important change is the money system. We are currently using Quickbooks to manage sales and expenses, however this system is not linked to the card scanner. Hence, we found a new system called shopify where it makes starting a business much easier. This entails a new card scanner that is directly linked to the shopify system using square. This will update our sales much more efficiently, rather than having to input our daily summaries. I am excited for this transition, as it will make my job much easier and would also mean that I will have more time to focus on the re-branding.