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Process of being part of the bank

It has been two weeks for me working at the bank. Last week, I had to use my time to learn how teams are related to each other, what is task for our team. There were some departments that are closely related so they have to hold meeting everyday and there also were some departments that do not need any communication at all. My department is closely related to so many other departments, so phones placed in our desks are always ringing very busy.

This week, I used my time to understand basic knowledge I must be aware when working at a bank. Starting from general principles of bank security, bank security alert, information security to prevent identity theft, and right to financial privacy act. These were basic knowledge that I have to be aware when working at a bank. All of issues related to lists above are critical when working at a bank. These are critically related to security issue, which is the most important factor that must be kept at the bank. I took a test after listening lectures about them. Now, I moved one step forward as an intern at Shinhan Bank!