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The Big Switch

Farewell Stetson Real Estate; hello Greiner-Maltz. In an unbelievable – and unexpected – change of events, I was granted the privilege and opportunity to join a firm in the commercial real estate sector. My true calling. Following a one-month tenure of utilizing quantitative metrics to value residential properties, I have now begun to gain complementary skills in real estate other than number computation. Through means of canvasing prospective properties, cold-calling potential clients, and assembling deal packages, I have been integrated into a corporate environment that is certainly preparing me for my next chapter in real estate finance.

Since 1953, Greiner-Maltz (http://www.greinermaltz.com/) has been a market leader and innovator in commercial, industrial, retail, office development, and investment real estate operating exclusively in the highly competitive New York City Metro market. With four offices strategically situated throughout the region, each location is staffed with experienced professionals who have a deep understanding of the local landscape. This ensures that each assignment is expertly executed and yields optimal results.

Working with colleagues that have attained this level of success and experience in the field has inevitably forced me to call upon past experiences and athletics to effectively do my job. Despite the fact that I am only nine days into my new position, it is easy to recognize that there are substantial differences between the residential and commercial markets. As a result, it is crucial to note-take and ask meaningful questions due to the corporate, hierarchical, and fast-paced nature of the business. With these new obstacles to overcome, Greiner-Maltz has ultimately equipped me with a plethora of contacts, knowledge, and responsibility. It is my job to execute these requests successfully.

While this blog post did not detail the specifics of how this incredible switch in internships transpired, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to Mary Stetson who made this all happen. Without her support and guidance none of this would have been possible. Thank you!