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When awesome is not that cool anymore: internship not exactly what you thought

When I first took the job at the Bank of the Northeast of Brazil, it looked perfect for me. I would be working with economists on the biggest Bank that works with social and economical development of Brazil; doing over the summer the job I used to see myself doing in the future. However, as the end of the summer approaches, I start to realize that, at some points, my internship is not exactly what I was expecting.

I like to work with people. I like to see their problems, see what is not quite working well and make the necessary changes. However, to find out such flaws, a long work of data analysis, with several numbers and graphs is needed. I do not like this part. When you convert problems into numbers, and develop an analysis over it, is not as cool as going to the field, and implementing what you dream on. On my internship, however, I am with the analysis part. A lot of numbers and graphs. Several reports and hours in front of the computer. Definitely not what I wanted at first, but a huge part of the work Banks do aiming at social and economic development.

Nevertheless, that is the good thing about an internship: find out what I like, and what I do not like. With this, I can build the path of what I want to do for the rest of my life. Moreover, a work experience is a work experience. Everything you do will enhance your knowledge and, of course, your resume.

In summary, do not underestimate your internship. even if it is not what you initially expected, try to learn with it. Absorb anything you can from your mentors and keep in mind that anything is helping you to build your future.