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About Korean bank expanding to United States

The company that I am having an internship is Shinhan Bank, a Korean bank expanding to United States. The main reason I applied as an intern for Shinhan Bank is because I thought myself and the bank are in a same situation in terms of expanding one self to a bigger world. I am 21 right now, and it has been only three and a half years for me to live in United States. Shinhan Bank, number one Korean bank, decided to expand its branch to a global world, creating branch in 80 countries, including United States. A California region manager of Shinhan Bank said that Shinhan Bank is still in a process of creating better strategy to perform better in United States, bring strength of Korean company and transform them to fit better for United States’s situation. The company always consider about the strategy to survive in foreign country, like I do these days. As an international student who wants to survive in competitive United States’s job pool, I always have to think of better, shinning strategy.

Being in a same situation with a company, I really wanted to become a person who can be part of strategy of the company. My concentration is Business Analytics, and I will be the one who can come out with better strategy based on data provided. I want to experience how one can drag out the best strategy in such situation, maximizing utility of myself. I want to see and learn how data experts analyze and utilize data to create strategy, and become a little help during the process of it. I can’t wait to further develop my career during the rest of the summer.