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Partners, not clients!

Since my first day at Geekie, I have heard the word “partners” a lot of times. Everybody was talking about the so-called partners. Until one time, when I asked my boss who were our partners that people mentioned. She then explained to me that our partners are actually our customers. In our case, the schools. The whole point why Geekie sees its customers as partners is because of the service we provide is a two-way road. In order for our products to be used to its full potential, we need the school’s collaboration to learn and motivate teachers and students to get involved with it. If the school does not see our value weekly in their routine, our product will not make sense. We need their commitment to deliver the value we promise.

Working at Geekie has shown me the complexity of delivering value every time the customer uses our product. Since we approach each sale as partnerships, it is very clear since the beginning that we expect certain behavior from them as well. Because of that, our customer success department is vital to the company’s existence. But this topic is for another post.