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IXL Innovation Olympics – A force that is disrupting the Consulting field

Curious about the next big thing? Companies should be always curious in order to stay competitive. It is easy to spot innovation within the field of product-offering industry, but what if we shift our attention to professional service-offering industry? Where does innovation lie in that field?

I would like to answer this question with my own internship at IXL Center. The company offers a great consulting service known as Innovation Olympics to its clients. Innovation Olympics is a consulting program that lasts through 8 weeks by providing a platform for both its clients and participating schools to identify the next growth for the company. In the past, IXL Innovation Olympics has received great feedbacks from clients such as Genentech, Pfizer, IBM, Verizon and many other credible companies. This year in particular, IXL has noticed that there is a great opportunity in the pharmaceutical field for Innovation Olympics. Therefore, my internship this year involves a lot on the business development and marketing side for Innovation Olympics by targeting pharmaceutical companies through a digital platform. It is pretty fair to look at Innovation Olympics as a win-win strategic program because client not only enjoys the benefit of great talents from elite participating schools such as Harvard University, Kellogg School of Management, NYU, Columbia University and even global schools such as University of Hong Kong and Yonsei University from Korea. Companies can get all those prestigious mind-power at a much lower cost than they refer to the traditional consulting method. At the same time, participating students get the hands-on experience by working very closely with those elite companies. Verizon in the past has actually hired graduate students from Innovation Olympics. As a result, it is not hard to see the impact casted by IXL Innovation Olympics in the consulting field. If there is one equation to answer this complication, then it is elite graduate student plus experienced mentors from IXL Center equals great innovative results for clients.

IXL Center, INC is expanding its influence more on a global scale. It is not hard to foresee that its big next step is to cast its influence in China since China is experiencing great economic growth currently. The country’s Belt and Road Initiative definitely attracts a lot of international business opportunities for people from all over the world.