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Hard Work Pays Off

Hi everyone, it is now a little over my 4th week since my internship has started and it has been a whirlwind. Working in the staffing industry is definitely a challenge, but staying focused and persevering definitely does have its perks.  You never really know who you are going to get on the other line, it could be someone who is extremely open to the idea of talking to a recruiter or someone who absolutely hates it. I have had my share of uncomfortable conversations, but it is important to remember that it is just someone on the other line who you are probably never going to meet. Having the right mindset when going into these phone calls is extremely important because if someone is rude to you, you cannot let that get in your head, you just have to hang up and keep moving forward.

Although the first few weeks were challenging, the excitement at the office when someone gets a great lead or a deal is amazing. The positive reinforcement and the excitement other people have in their job makes the hard calls all pay off. When you have a good day on the phone you will definitely be recognized for it. Even if you are having a bad day, the mentors are there to help you make tomorrow better. However, it is also extremely important to motivate yourself in this field of work. If you do not have the motivation to pick up the phone and dial or ask the right questions, then all the exterior reinforcement and positivity really does not make a difference. It all comes down to your own mindset on how you treat each day. If you go in with specific goals set for each day then the way you perform will be impacted, but if you go in thinking that today is going to be awful and no one will answer then, then the negativity will take a toll as well.

At the end of my third week as a recruiting intern, I got moved up to a senior level recruiting intern. This may not sound big, but the type of work that is done between both is very different. Essentially, as a recruiting intern, you are just cold calling consultants, trying to run through behavioral questions with them. However, as a senior recruiter, the game changes. Now you are actively trying to help them find their next project. You have descriptions of open projects to discuss and are able to build better relationships with them. The path to get up here is definitely tedious and does require a lot of brain power, but once you get that first phone call and hear the excitement on the other line it all becomes worth it.