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Time Management Technique

Being a full-time student, maintaining a competitive GPA, and completing an internship requires excellent time management abilities. Can you share your time management techniques and how you’ve applied them at your internship when working on a project?

This summer, I am currently working on campus as an RA, taking a class, and completing my summer internship. This takes up a lot of my time as I have several meetings for RA work to attend, homework and studying to do for my class, and hours at Alba Boutique to complete my internship, which usually doesn’t give me any free time during the week. One way that I manage my time is keeping my daily calendar on my phone up to date. This ensures that I don’t overbook, double schedule, or forget about anything I have to do. My calendar usually just has meetings, class times, and work times. I also keep a journal which I use to take notes on to-do lists. I find this very helpful for brainstorming and creating checklists. Another way I manage my time is at the end of each day, I prepare for the next. Whether it is getting my outfit ready for the next day, or update my calendar, I always try to make it easier for myself to go on with the day. While I do feel overwhelmed with work sometimes, I make sure I have some “me time.” I wake up early every morning to go to the gym, and cook dinner every night. All of these techniques have helped me complete projects at my internship because it helps me remain organized which is one of my strongest skills. I am able to finish tasks on time and take initiative by taking on more responsibility for other projects because of these techniques.