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The Beauty of a Start-up Atmosphere

At Babson, the start-up environment is something we are all so familiar with. Start our own business? Every first-year student has already experienced this. But there is only so much you can learn within a controlled classroom-guided business. Babson’s flagship course, FME, has truly provided such a great foundation to how many start-ups will work but when asked to pour orange juice with cereal instead of milk, I am starting to realize the beauty of learning and growing as you go.

This summer, I am interning with Mighty Well, a medical accessories company started by Babson grads Emily and Maria. With a small team and so much to do, there are so many new things you are exposed to and immediately expected to take initiative and ownership of your responsibilities and experience during my time there. Reflecting on the past few weeks in this internship, I have a few takeaways being able to learn at the first-line of defense of this new and fast growing business.

  1. Everyone is in this together. There is not one person you don’t necessarily interact with, and instead, you get to know your fellow co-workers really well and build strong relationships with them.
  2. You get to experience a bit of everything. Though my drafted role is for operations and human resources, I get to learn a little bit of marketing, brand management, and exposure to social media as well as the forefronting fundraising events for the company. Being in a small business allowed me to be involved in so much.
  3. You are excited to see growth with the company. The little things count! Seeing the work you put in and those of others around you being put into action is rewarding.
  4. You are always in the loop. New innovative ideas and future plans? I get to know what is happening within the company and get ready for making this happen!

There is still so much to learn, but this open-ended and flexible start-up atmosphere is fast, challenging, and memorable. Though this may not be what I end up pursuing in the future, working for Mighty Well has truly been a great learning experience and has a different culture than many larger corporations. Regardless of where I end up, this is definitely an unforgettable experience.