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How does a company innovate? Culture, Culture, Culture!

If someone asks me what I have learned at Geekie, the biggest edtech company in Brazil, so far, I cannot think of something other than innovation is a culture. I have followed Geekie’s journey for a little while, however, I never imagined how innovation was so deep in the company’s roots. Since my first day,  I hear that things change all the time here and they change fast. The teams are divided in small groups focused on our product line. In each team, there are even smaller groups from all the company areas (marketing, development, customer success, sales, etc.) who work with that product. At the end of the day, making a decision does not require talking to 10 people and it comes down to those who work with that product on a daily basis.

Because the dynamics are so fluid, there is no space for egocentrism or bragging about titles. There are not even titles, to be honest. Everybody in the team is responsible for the experience we deliver and if something goes wrong, it’s the whole team’s responsibility to investigate what happened. With some characteristics of a holocracy, Geekie is an open space for innovation. Everybody is welcome to share their thoughts and ideas and the leaders have to follow up on the suggestions.

Geekie was the first one to create an adaptive learning platform in Brazil, however, we know this is not enough to stay relevant in the market. I cannot wait to see how Geekie will innovate to keep up on the loop! Stay tuned.