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A Babson Education Makes All The Difference

This summer I am working at my first internship where there are also interns from other schools. This has shown me how vastly different my education has been from theirs. I feel as though I have learned so many great skills that extend beyond the classroom at Babson that the other interns do not have. I never realized I embodied these skills at such a high level until working here at The Catered Affair. In no way am I saying I am better than the other interns, we all offer different things, but in terms of a business setting I have superior skills.

I can say with 100% confidence that I learned these skills at Babson. The constant group work has allowed me to develop really strong teamwork skills and allows me to work with others with ease. This company relies on collaboration between departments and all levels, and I am able to be a part of this system to really help and make a difference due to my teamwork abilities.

But even deeper than team work I feel as though I am able to just understand people and what they need with ease. Babson really embodies cultural diversity and it seems to be incorporated in many of the courses I have taken. Having a focus on communication during my time in the classroom has transferred to my role as an intern. Everyone has a different way of communicating and I feel as though I have a really strong ability at understanding exactly what it is they are trying to get across. This has allowed me to gain a lot of respect and trust from the people I work with.

I feel as though I am really succeeding at my internship so far, and I owe a lot of that success to my time at Babson. It feels great to finally see real results from all the hard work I have put into my undergraduate degree. I know that I will be able to take these skills with me when I graduate and use them to be successful in the business world.