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Now I Know I’m Sure

When you start searching for an internship or new job you obviously want to look for something that will help lead you into a career you really want to be in. Last year I didn’t feel like I was lucky enough to find an internship like that, but this summer that’s all changed. I’ve known I wanted to work in the sports and entertainment industry for a long time, however, going to a great business school where you’re surrounded by classes that teach you about corporate America and friends who are starting their own businesses, I kind of lost my way. In the back of my mind I still knew that I wanted to work in sports and entertainment, but it seemed so far out of reach that I may be much happier doing something else within the business field. Then I found my way to the Boston Red Sox. It was by chance that I knew the right person to recommend me for this opportunity, but I will be forever grateful to them. I am working for the Fenway Concerts Department, therefore getting the best of both worlds in sports and entertainment. In the three months that I’ve already spent here I now know that I’m sure I don’t want to work in any other industry after graduation or later in my life.

Throughout my time here I’ve met some very famous and important people throughout the industry. One gentleman I met the other day said to me, “It’s amazing – people who work in sports want to work in music, and people who work in music want to work in sports. You’re getting the best of both worlds working here.” I couldn’t agree with him more. This particular gentleman told me how he got himself into the music industry and never wanted to leave. He told me that the connections I make and the lessons I learn while working for the Red Sox will take me far in whatever career path I decide to take. It is my hope that advice like this and the people I meet will help me to find an awesome job after graduation.

The fact that I can wake up every day and enjoy this job so much that I show up early every single day lets me know that this is where I belong in my future career. Sports and entertainment are not so far out of reach like I previously thought and it’s where my passion really is. The only thing holding me back in this industry is where I want to live after graduation. I would love to be close to my family and living in Connecticut but there’s not a lot of opportunities in sports or music in such a small state. I will continue looking, however, and who knows, maybe another amazing opportunity like this one with the Red Sox will come my way!