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Communication is Key

Hi guys, I’m Andi, a rising sophomore. I have started my internship in Wenzhou, China for some times now. Here is a little background information about my host company. The company I am working for is called Hongzheng Environmental Technologies LLC. Hongzheng focuses on providing environmental friendly service and products to protect people from indoor pollution, and it is a quite young company.

The first and most surprising thought I would like to share regarding my summer is the extreme importance of communication. For those who have had the FME class during freshman year, just like I did, you probably have mixed feelings about FME. It has created many friendships and tons of hate. Nevertheless, I believe we can all agree on one thing–the constant teamwork in FME has taught us how to communicate.

I came into the company as a freshman student who knows nothing, and now I am a project assistant manager who is responsible for several projects. I believe the core reason is that I could communicate effectively as a team member. The FME experience and Babson culture have affected me subconsciously and I am slowly discovering their benefits. I am making more impacts in my internship than I had expected because of my experience in FME and Babson.