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First Day at Alba

I always had an interest in fashion ever since I began high school. I mean I did go to a fashion specialized high school in New York, so it was a given. But I ended coming to Babson because I thought business was a good foundation for anything. As a result, I wanted to combine my corporate experience with my fashion experience, and that’s where Alba Boutique became my next step towards my Business in Fashion career. I was actually roaming around Wellesley when I noticed the boutique and decided to introduce myself to the owner. After talking for a bit, Kate the owner told me about her internship program. I immediately told her I was interested and that I would start as soon as classes and finals ended. I am now currently working in auditing and helping Kate manage quickbooks which is an online income-recording book. What makes this environment so different from say Deutsche Bank on Wall street where I’ve worked previously, is that it is a much smaller load to handle and a lot less pressure. On the other hand, I am still challenged everyday, especially when it comes to learning how to run a business. That’s my favorite part. I enjoy learning about how the small details, like where to buy hanging tags for clothes, plays a huge role on the store and its finances. I am excited to see where this internship experience takes me next.