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Understanding What I Want

I was chatting with an old friend one day, and she told me that the internship she is at made her realize how little prepared she is for the real world. When I asked her what she meant, she explained to me that she never really considered a lot of the affected factors of accepting a job. Would she be willing to be relocated to another country, what type of working environment does she genuinely like and see herself working to her best in, depending on where the office is, is the pay high enough to afford rent?

Right now, we just finished our sophomore year of college, and still have a good year to figure a lot of these things out. Thinking about what she said, I began to think about my internship here at The Orchard. What do I like about it that I will put into heavy consideration when I am no longer a full-time student, but a full-time worker?

One thing I learned for sure, is that it would be optimal for me to find a job where I can come in casual dress. I know it sounds a little silly, because we’re business students. Business professional is a given, but honestly, the freedom to wear whatever I want (within boundaries and understanding), gives me so much more energy in the workplace. The way I see it, it’s freedom to be who I am, and 0 distractions.

When I am wearing a skirt, I’m constantly self-conscious about it riding up. When I am in a nice blazer, I’m worried about sweating underneath it. When I have a nice blouse or pants, I worry about ruining them from food or creases.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like I absolutely can’t work if I’m in business professional. I just never realized how liberating it was to be able to come into the office, and work in casual dress.

If I could land a job where it was permitted, that would be amazing.