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Here’s why I love Silicon Valley

Amazing weather, great seafood, and breathtaking landscapes. All of these are legit reasons to love Silicon Valley, but none of them is significant enough to prove my unlimited admiration for this place.

The real reason I believe Silicon Valley is truly special is that people here are T-shaped.

Before imagining some weird creatures, let me explain what T-shaped means: it’s being both an expert and a generalist. It’s having very in-depth knowledge and a well-established network inside your focus industry (your main field), while at the same time having a thorough understanding of new technologies, developments, and trends.

For instance, during my internship experience in the Bay Area, I have met so many people who have started the conversation by offering me relevant, insightful advice in their areas of expertise, but who skillfully broadened the discussion topic by referring to other industries and technologies, going as far as covering economic, political, and historical aspects. Such level of mastery and curiosity (both at a discussion and mindset level) is vital as it plays a huge role in offering these people an understanding how their work and mission play a role in a larger, grander context, offering them purpose and truly fueling their passion.

The best part is that I don’t have to attend high-end conferences to find such inspiring T-shaped people; so far, I have randomly met most of them in trains, at workshops, or while waiting in super-market lines.

That’s why I love Silicon Valley.