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My Goals to Succeed as a Financial Consultant

This summer, I will be interning as a financial analyst at a consulting firm specializing in deals, litigations, and transactions that merge finance and economics. CrowninShield Financial Research was founded by Babson finance professor Steven Feinstein and has served as the leading financial consultant to a number of large securities litigations firms over the years. I will primarily be focusing on learning and applying concepts within data analytics, equity and firm valuation, and law in order to best complement the needs of the firm and my personal professional interests. To succeed, I have set a number of goals and objectives that I plan on meeting in order to get the most out of my internship this summer. I have outlined them below.

  1. I want to learn and improve my technical finance skills. This includes modeling with excel, data analytics, and tools such as Bloomberg and Capital IQ. My workstation is a Bloomberg Terminal, so I will definitely be getting tons of exposure and insight into using the machine to accomplish a number of research and valuation techniques.
  2. I want to grow my network and get to know more people in the finance and consulting fields. I would like to learn more about the industry, how to stand out amongst a pool of applicants, and some general tips about professional work from someone more experienced in the industry.
  3. I am doing MCFE next semester and I want to work on clearly expressing my thoughts and opinions in written communication. In particular, this internship will help me a lot with becoming more detail oriented, a skill that will only be beneficial moving forward in any professional setting.
  4. Lastly, I would like to make a good impression on my supervisors, the other interns, and our clients that we work with. To accomplish this, I plan on being punctual, showing up to meetings with a notepad so that I can take down notes and reminders of what I need to do, and by taking initiative and asking others “Is there anything I can help with?”

This sophomore to junior year internship is crucial to a successful transition into the upcoming semester. I am planning to stick to my goals that I have outlined above and I encourage others to do the same – set smart yet challenging goals and check them off throughout the summer. You might be surprised at how much personal growth you can achieve in three short months. To provide me with feedback, or to strike a conversation, my email is twang5@babson.edu. I look forward to hearing from you!