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New Opportunities with the Boston Red Sox

This summer I am working for the Boston Red Sox as the Concerts and Entertainment department intern. As a member of a four person department it is under my responsibilities to handle logistics, planning and execution of all summer concerts. This includes VIP parties, stage and seating set up, ticket sales, and artist relations. Our department is also responsible for VIP visits from celebrities, political leaders, or department contacts on game days along with running and taking part in themed game events such as Autism Awareness Day. This position requires me to be driven, hard working, self-motivated, and curious. As I will be entering my senior year and hopefully finding a full-time job after graduation, I wanted to set some goals for myself during this internship.

The first goal I have set for myself is to network. I am entering my senior year at Babson which means I will be applying for jobs in the near future. Since this internship with the Red Sox is within the industry I want to work in long term, I want to make sure I am networking with each person I meet along the way this summer. You never know when someone can come in handy as a contact especially during the job search process. Since I started my internship back in March, I have met a ton of amazing people, from celebrities to families raising autism awareness. Each of these people I’ve met have told me a different story about themselves or shared with me some of their most valuable experiences. This networking alone has helped me see all the different opportunities I have and how important it is to be doing something that I love. Not only do I want to network to gather these contacts for my job search process, but these contacts can come in handy in different situations throughout my life – whether I’m looking for a new career path or just need some quick mentoring. Networking will be one of my biggest focuses during my time with the Red Sox this summer.

The second goal I want to focus on is discovering what my true passion is within this sports and entertainment industry and figuring out what drives me to work hard and enjoy my job every day. During my internship last year, I realized that sitting at a desk all day was not for me and over the course of this year, I’ve realized how much I love the sports and entertainment industry. This industry, however, has a large variety of opportunities, so I want to work on deciding what really drives me. This could be working with people, developing spreadsheets, or working on large scale projects, but I won’t be able to find out unless I pay close attention to it. I want to be able to have a job that I love and I don’t mind getting up for every day.