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The Wrong Job Can Point You To The Right One

Last summer I went through the worst possible job experience. But although it wasn’t right for me, it was invaluable because it showed me exactly what I don’t want in a job. A majority of what I didn’t like had little to do with the job itself. Instead it was all the little aspects that make up a job for everyone, including the commute and lunch break. I would have never known just how much I hated traveling four hours every day to get to and from work if I wasn’t put in a position where I had to do it every day for weeks. My dislike carried across many different aspects of the job. But this allowed me to come to find out exactly what is important to me in a job.

With this experience under my belt, I wanted to do things right this summer. I worked very hard to find a job that would appeal to everything I wanted; a close commute, a friendly atmosphere, an actual lunch break, and the ability to not be stuck at a desk all day. I believe I found that at The Catered Affair at the Boston Public Library. Everyone there was so friendly and kind right from the start, and they are continually moving around to meet with clients and meet with vendors. It seemed as if it was meant to be for me.

With the seemingly perfect job, I had to tackle the commute side now which is always a challenge in Boston. I searched for quite a while to try to find a place to live that fit my criteria. I needed the commute to be short, as that turned out to be one of the most important aspects of a job for me. With a little good luck and ingenuity, I was able to find the perfect place, that was within walking distance of my new job!

After now having completed my first “week” (only two days) of work, I can truly say that this job suits me so far. I am far happier because I have all those aspects in my job. I believe that was my goal all along, to pursue happiness. And I believe it is important for everyone to find happiness within their career.